A Rant On Popular (life/biz) Coaching

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I hear coaches from various niches – be it business or personal – pushing their trainees to make decisions under stressful situation, or putting them on the spot.

Also, they are encouraging them to do the same with the people they are communicating with.

I can hear that it’s working on the one hand, but at the same time I feel the stress in that conversation, and how the trainee reacting as if pushed against the wall…

What I can believe these coaches act upon – their supposed premise – is that this is actually effective. Either that, or they are counting on reinforcing that pressure on a regular basis to kindle that fire.

But I have to say that for myself, seeing people ram through obstacles does not seem to be the best or most effective course of action. Because once they encounter another obstacle they will believe that ramming through it is the way to go – but is that the way to deal with life? Ram through anything that is not exactly how we want it to be?

How about this alternative?…

How about creating a creative solution that benefits all sides involved, AND makes people feel better about themselves and about each other?

Would it require effort? Of course!

Would it demand creativity? Absolutely – it’s not the default way of things!

Is it harder than just going and ramming through stuff? Maybe, maybe not, but would you want to have that constant headache that comes from ramming through things day in and day out? I wouldn’t.

But then is it worth it? Hell yes!

Because once you create a way of handling life situations that takes a win-win approach PLUS a good feeling about it for everyone, then your own life is going to look and feel so much better, and you are going to attract to yourself people who want to hear from you, because they know they are going to hear something that will, in some way, improve their life – or even just their day…

I hope coaches will take some time and invest some thought in creative solutions for their clients – this will undoubtedly teach the clients to do the same with their solutions.


Have a creative day 🙂

Archie McCormack

Archie McCormack