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Update Wordpress Plugins + Themes

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Here’s the deal:

WordPress as a system, publishes regular updates to the internet – for anyone who has a WP website.

You can and should keep your website up to date as all times, because these updates come with better security for your site, as well as usability imporovements.

But that's not all...

Your theme and the plugins you installed on your site also have updates from their developers.

(WordPress is an Opne Source system which means anyone is allowed to contribute, and also there are a lot of plugins from external develpers.)

These theme and plugin updates also come with better security, bug fixes, compatibility for the current version of WordPress, and of course easier to use interface (to make your life and mine, easier when we install them and use them on our websites).

Watch the video below and let me take you step by step through the simple update process – for WordPress, plugins and themes.

For any questions or comments on the update video, or on WordPress installation and maintenance – contact me. Keep up to date, Tommy

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Tommy Gordon

SEO and Marketing Specialist

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