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In this part of the WordPress 2020 tutorial, I’m going to show you how to install a premium WordPress theme from StudioPress.

This is a long video, because there are quite a few options, but if you simply follow me on this tutorial I will take you through the installation process in an logical step by step way anyone can do.

I am using Genesis Pro as the WordPress Framework and then
Executive Pro as a child theme for my WordPress website.

The resources you’ll need to follow the demo are:
The Genesis Pro + Executive Pro from StudioPress – you can find them here:
I’m using Canva for the images – for Canva go here:
And for color combination I am using Coolers (https://coolers.co)
You can also use Elementor Pro with this theme, which you can get here:

* Note that some of the links I’m using are an affiliate link, which means that if you use this link to purchase through them, then they will pay me a commission – a finders’ fee for getting you aboard as a client.
You will still pay the same fees as you would if you purchased directly from them, but I am obliged to inform you that if you choose to use my link, I will also benefit from it.
That said, I am only listing links that I have used myself, or am still using currently for my own websites, as well as for my clients.

For any questions or comments on theme installation, or on WordPress ingeneral – contact me.

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