2 Manual WP Installation

Wordpress Manual installation

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In this video I go through the installation process step by step.
So if you want to install a WP website on your own – just watch the video and follow my steps. You’ll have your site up and running in no time.

See the resources I’m using for this video under the video itself.

* This video was made in 2016 and I’m working on the updated version (so keep an eye out for it and
Subscribe to the channel to get the message).
Although everything I’m showing here still works – it just may look a little different.

If you’re not using the HostGator’s 1-Click Quick Install, or you want to install a clean installation of WordPress, you can follow this video for instructions on a manual installation.

In this video you’ll learn how to (just follow my step by step instructions):

  1. To get the installation zip file, go to wordpress.org
  2. Upload the file to your CPanel file manager
  3. Extract the file contents and move them from WordPress subfolder to your main folder
  4. Create a new MySQL database and user, and add the user to the database with full privileges
  5. Install the website using the files and the database you prepared

(*) Again, this is only relevant if you’re NOT using the 1-Click Quick Install.

(**) I’m not going through the technical details here, but in the video you can watch over my shoulder as I go through every step of the installation, and simply follow my lead.

Archie McCormack

Archie McCormack