3 Cleaning Up Your WP Installation

Clean Up Your Site

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After installing a WordPress site you get a few demo content pieces, which are irrelevant and you can safely get rid of them,
to keep you site clean of garbage or unrequired unwanted stuff.
In this video I’ll show you how to clean up your site from all this stuff and keep it with your own business image or blog meaningful content.

Check below the video for more resources…

Now we’re cleaning unnecessary elements that come with WordPress by default, or as part of the 1-Click Quick Install.

Cleaning up Plugins:

  1. Go to Plugins on the left toolbar
  2. Deactivate any active plugins (marked with a blue stripe on their left)
  3. Delete all plugins

Cleaning up comments, posts & pages:

  1. Go to Comments on the left sidebar
  2. Trash all comments, then go to the Trash and empty it
  3. Go to Posts on the left sidebar
  4. Trash all the posts, then go to the Trash and empty it
  5. Go to Pages on the left sidebar
  6. Trash all the pages, then go to the Trash and empty it


  1. Under Posts in the left sidebar, click the Categories link
  2. Add categories for relevant subject you will write articles about (don’t worry, you can always add more later)
  3. Under Settings on the left sidebar, click the Writing link
  4. Choose a default category for your articles (instead of Uncategorized)
  5. Go back to Categories and delete the Uncategorized category (unless for some reason you need one, although it’s not recommended)
Archie McCormack

Archie McCormack