Welcome to Get Recog

Welcome to Get Recog
Hello and welcome to Get Recog!
This website is designed to give you the tools and know-how that will allow you to get the recognition that your business, office or clinic deserves.
We will create the online presence that will attract new clients and patients, and prepare them for the moment they contact you to get them ready to buy your product or service.
My main goal with Get Recog is to give you a choice between two paths to recognition and business success – and to further give you the knowledge to walk those paths easily and quickly:

  1. The DIY Way
    Many small to medium businesses choose this path, either as a beginning or for the long run.
    Here you will learn what you need to do, and get the step by step road map to get these things done, in order to create an online presence that will attract your potential clients or patients to your place of business and convert them into buyers.
  2. The Manager Way
    Whether you went through doing it all on your own and want to expand, or you already have a business that incorporates employees or contractors, getting the job done requires that you know two very important things:
    a. What needs to be done to get the results you want, and
    b. How to choose the contractors or employees and make sure that they’re doing their job to a satisfactory level.
    We will go through the requirements of an online presence (from the characteristics of a good website, through the text and design, all the way to SEO and PPC) and make sure that you know enough about it, to recognize a good service vs. a poor one.
    The results matter of course, but you don’t want to use churn and burn techniques that will get you fast results but burn your long term possibilities. The wrong actions can harm your reputation, whereas the right ones will get you to the top.
    We will arm you with the knowledge to keep your online reputation (both on your own website and on places like social profiles) and your methods (such as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO) effective, clean and free from harmful tricks.

I appreciate your time and attention and wish you an enjoyable and profitable learning experience.

Tommy Gordon